Meet the team

I’m Duncan Hind the Manager of BioDock. I have a BSc. Degree in Genetics and Microbiology from the University of Leeds, I’m a Chartered Biologist, and a member of the Royal Society of Biology.After working extensively in Human Stem Cell processing and biobanking, I launched BioDock. I continue to strive to provide a modern, cutting edge biobank facility, which adheres to the highest possible standards. State-of-the-art technology is utilised to store your samples in the optimum conditions.

In the UK we have a team of 11 scientists, including a Laboratory Manager. Working alongside our scientists is our Quality Supervisor, and Regulatory Compliance Manager.

Our New Products and Research Manager, develops new projects and innovations, and implements them with our team of scientists.

A further 15 members of staff make up our administrative department which support the business in all associated activities.

In Switzerland we have a team of 16 Scientists and administrators who run our second storage facility. They also provide a full back-up service for our UK site.

With years of experience and an extensive infrastructure, BioDock can offer an array of storage solutions, with minimum expenditure.