About us

At BioDock we are proud to be an industry leader in the storage of biological samples. Our technologically-advanced facility is based in Nottingham, in the heart of the UK. Storing over 500,000 samples from over 70 different countries, we are well practised in the requirements and processes needed to store a wide array of biological samples from across the world.

Our facility provides storage for samples at a range of different temperatures; -20 degrees, -80 degrees and -196 degrees. Our samples include purified stem cells, human tissue, whole blood, clinical specimens and biological solutions.

We are also one of the only cryogenic storage facilities to boast a fully-operational clean room, a facility which enables the production of live cell cultures.


Real time monitoring

All of our samples are monitored in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have full disaster recovery & contingency plans to ensure the safe storage of our client’s samples.

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24 hour security

With 24 hour security on site, we provide a safe and secure facility to store our clients’ samples.

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Fully operational laboratory

We also have fully operational clean room facilities and produce live cell cultures. Our facilities include labs testing microbiology & viral contamination, PCR, serology, & flow cytometry.

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Two laboratories in two different geographic locations

We’ve opened a second facility in Switzerland & continue to expand our business, storing different types of samples and taking on new clients from around the world.

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Full disaster recovery support

We can offer full disaster recovery support and contingency strategies, to store your existing samples at our state of the art facilities.

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